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Cameron Commission Inquiry in Newfoundland

BCSLS response CSMLS response

The Cameron Commission of Inquiry on Hormone Receptor Testing in Newfoundland can be searched on the web at www.cihrt.nl.ca

BCSLS is recognized for the vital role it plays in representing the interests of laboratory professionals and the public in British Columbia. Our officials and staff are frequently invited to assist government, health authorities, educators, regulatory bodies, researchers and others in developing policies, standards and practices. With our counterpart societies in each province and the Canadian Society of Medical Laboratory Science, we help to create a national framework for laboratory excellence.

BCSLS is an active partner with the Canadian Society of Medical Laboratory Science (CSMLS). Both societies are separate legal entities with their own constitutions, bylaws and policies. However, they have formally agreed to collaborate on matters affecting laboratory professionals in Canada.

Our President is a member of the CSMLS National Advocacy Council. The council meets three times each year to exchange views. Chaired by the CSMLS President it is attended by all provincial society Presidents (and once a year by either the Vice-President or Executive Director).

CSMLS organizes other national meetings about Marketing and Communications, and Professional Development. These are attended by our Director for Marketing and Communications and our Director for Professional Development.

CSMLS hosts the National Regulatory Council to exchange views with provincial regulatory bodies. BCSLS is invited to participate in these meetings even though British Columbia does not presently have a regulatory body for medical laboratory professions.

BCSLS nominates a representative to CSMLS who attends the Council on National Certification meetings. Attendance at these meetings ensures that our members have a say in education and credentialing.


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