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BCSLS scrutinizes BC’s laboratory review & reform initiatives. We meet with many health stakeholders to discuss issues and lobby about our members’ concerns. Please continue to send your comments to the board or the Executive Director. Below are some important dates and documents.

April 12, 2006: BCSLS Executive Director attends the PLCO Specialized Laboratory Training Stakeholders Forum.  Topics include the role and training of Pathology Assistants and Advanced (Discipline Specific) Training for Laboratory Professionals. Many participants express concern about the lack of licensure for laboratory personnel in BC. There was general recognition of a shortage of qualified lab personnel and and the need for improved collaboration between educators, employers and professional bodies.

June 17, 2005: BCSLS Executive Director attends the Provincial Laboratory Coordinating Office forum on investing in laboratory systems and technology.

April 8, 2005: BCSLS Executive Director attends the Provincial Laboratory Coordinating Office forum on human resources management issues, raising the importance of self-regulation.

January 29, 2004: four BCSLS representatives attend “Articulating the Vision for a New Laboratory System” convened by the Prov Laboratory Coordinating Office.

October 2003: BCSLS Position Statement issued; see also our May 2002 submission to the BC Ministry of Health Planning; and BCSLS letters to (1) Minister of Health Services, Hon. C. Hansen and (2) the Editor, Vancouver SUN.

September 2003: Provincial Laboratory Coordinating Office established, Dr. David Pi, Clinical Director. Their website contains information on the structure and proposed direction of lab reform. Dr. Pi flew to the BCSLS Congress in Penticton to make a special presentation to members.

August 2003: Order in Council #830 – August 27, 2003 – amending the regulations pursuant to the Hospital Insurance Act allowing government to transfer funding for pathology services to the health regions. Some stakeholders are contesting this government action – maintaining that pathology services are specified under the Medicare Protection Act and funding for pathology services may not be re-assigned until the Medical Services Commission de-lists pathology services.

July 2003: (1) BC Laboratory Services Review – report by Lillian Bayne released by the Ministers of Health.

July 2003: (2) Minister of Health Colin Hansen issues a press release. Deputy Minister Ballem’s letter – July 7, 2003 – about specific actions to be taken by the government related to the delivery/funding of laboratory services.

June 2002: stakeholder workshop facilitated by Thi-inc Consultants (BCSLS representative, Heather Autio) and Thi-inc Consultants produced a thick report on the workshop ‘direction’. We brought copies of the Executive Summary to 2002 AGM.

May 2002: BCSLS submission to the Minister of Health Planning on Laboratory Services Review.

Quality Control: BCSLS communicates periodically with BC’s Diagnostic Accreditation Program. The DAP is a Standing Committee of the College of Physicians and Surgeons, with authority delegated in Rules pursuant to The Medical Practitioners Act. The Program provides peer review and professional initiatives to sustain and promote compliance with accepted standards in laboratory medicine.


New Health Minster - Terry Lake

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