Register Now for Congress 2007: Brand Yourself a Professional

Registration for this month’s BCSLS Congress in Merritt is well over half full! Slated for September 27 through 29, Congress again promises to be the premier educational and information-sharing event for BC’s medical laboratory professionals, as well as an excellent opportunity to have some fun and enjoy Merritt’s legendary hospitality. If you haven’t yet registered, do it now, and take advantage of the year’s best opportunity to advance yourself professionally and network with colleagues from around the province.

Saturday to feature anatomic pathology

Saturday’s program will be especially valuable for anyone with an interest in anatomic pathology. The presenter, Bryan Hewlett, is an internationally recognized expert in histology. Click here for more information on the day’s program, and on Bryan himself.

Register now!

Click here for general information on Congress 2007, and here for direct access to online registration.

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BCSLS and BCAMRT Move Toward Professional Recognition

BCSLS and the B.C. Association of Medical Radiation Technologists (BCAMRT) have taken a major step forward in bringing professional regulation to medical laboratory and radiation technology in the province. With funding from the Ministry of Health, the two organizations have recently concluded a study on the potential merits of regulation. The final report, Professional Practice… in the Public Interest, is based on extensive consultation with interested parties and stakeholders and recommends establishment of a joint BCSLS/BCAMRT regulatory college. The college would govern the actions of medical laboratory technologists, medical radiation technologists, and allied subspecialties. The proposal, submitted on July 11, is now under Ministry review.

Professional Practice… in the Public Interest envisions a collaborative approach that will involve stakeholders and respond flexibly to changes in the structure of healthcare.

Protection of the public is the primary goal of the proposed regulation. Regulation ensures that diagnostic and therapeutic procedures are performed by qualified personnel, and guarantees the public’s right to due process if there are failures in the system. Commenting on the proposal’s release, BCSLS Executive Director Malcolm Ashford said, “In our view, the time has come to regulate the professions of Medical Laboratory Technology and Medical Radiation Technology to ensure public safety in the changing landscape of Canadian healthcare.”

The proposal can be viewed in its entirety here on the BCSLS website.

BCSLS also welcomes your comments and suggestions on the proposal.

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BCSLS To Host 2008 National Congress

Next year, BCSLS and CSMLS will join forces to stage the National Congress of Medical Laboratory Science. Scheduled for Kelowna from June 1 to 4, this joint effort will include a wide range of scientific and professional-development events. It will also be a unique opportunity to meet and get to know medical laboratory professionals from across the country. Click here for more information on the 2008 National Congress, and keep watching the BCSLS website for more details.

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Renata Sakamoto Retiring as BCSLS Exec Assistant

Renata Sakamoto has announced she will be retiring from her position as BCSLS Executive Assistant, effective October 31.

As practically every BCSLS member knows, Renata has provided the continuity and wide range of skills that supporting the membership, organizing events, and taking care of the organization have required. Renata will be missed, and BCSLS is very grateful for her commitment and her competence.

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BCSLS Seeks Executive Assistant

BCSLS is looking for an Executive Assistant to replace Renata when she retires. The position will start as soon as possible to provide time for training and a smooth transition.

Details of the position can be found here on our website. For more information, contact Malcolm Ashford at BCSLS.

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College of New Caledonia MLT Program To Start in January

The new MLT training program in Prince George is gearing up for its first students in January 2008. Originally set to start in September of next year, the College of New Caledonia’s success in developing the program and the strong job market for graduates mean that the program will be underway in just a few months. The program will be accepting at least 24 students, with the possibility of as many as 36 if further funding is put in place.

Click here for more information on this dynamic new program.

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BCSLS Member Alice Seal Receives CSMLS Certification

BCSLS congratulates member Alice Leonora Seal on receiving her General Medical Laboratory Technology certification from CSMLS. Seal earned her new status through CSMLS’s Continuing Professional Studies program. The CPS program formally recognizes successful completion of continuing education courses at the advanced level. Click here for more information on the program and how you can apply.

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New Ontario Safety Regulations Address SARS Workplace Issues

On August 23, Ontario announced new safety regulations for healthcare workers, in response the provincial government’s investigation into the 2003 SARS outbreak. The new regulations mandate the use of safe needles, or needle-less techniques, and the provision of N95 respirators for frontline healthcare staff.

The changes will be staggered over the next three years, taking effect on September 1 of next year for hospitals, in 2009 for long term care, psychiatric facilities and lab collections centres, and in 2010 for home care, doctor's offices, ambulances, and all other healthcare facilities. During the phase-in, the province will be working with healthcare providers to finalize details of the new standards.

Ontario’s investigation into what went wrong during the SARS outbreak exposed a range of weaknesses in health and safety protections for healthcare professionals. Click here for the Objective’s feature on the Ontario final report in issue 13.

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Club BCSLS Features Major Hotel Chain

Club BCSLS members will now find discounts on accommodation at Delta Hotels & Suites, a major chain with facilities across the country. For a wider variety of features, locations, and prices, the BCSLS package includes two levels of hotels, Delta Hotels as well as Choice Hotels. The Choice Hotels chain includes Comfort, Clarion, Econo Lodge, Quality, Sleep Inn, and Roadway Inn facilities.

Click here to check out the many discounts and unique offers that Club BCSLS members enjoy.

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Write for The Objective

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We are looking for people to contribute articles, reviews, commentary, and reports on local happenings to this newsletter.

Just submit a short piece - no more than 300 words - in MS Word or text format, via e-mail to BCSLS with your name and position title. Please provide any relevant website links, digital photos, or references with your submission.

Note: BCSLS reserves the right to edit or reject submissions for length, relevance, or misleading or objectionable content.

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