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Back to Basics: Chemistry & Hematology

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1. JVS

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How good would it be for you, a person with expertise in the medical laboratory industry, to be the one person who could make a difference in the life of an internationally trained individual?  Imagine what must it be like to be a skilled MLT, new to Canada, looking for work and not be connected?



2. S.U.C.C.E.S.S

Make a difference in your profession for only a few hours a year.  Consider being a Mentor to help foreign-trained professional immigrants in the same field understand the local market of their original profession and develop their local professional local network.

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Training Courses
The following courses are offered as distance education materials. They consist of online video, DVD or audio lectures accompanied with course reading materials. These are self-study materials. Tutorial assistance is NOT provided.

Refresher Courses

*A completely revised and current refresher MLT course

Back to Basics:

Hematology & Chemistry

These courses have been designed and developed as a refresher or bridging program for Medical Laboratory Professionals working or wanting to work in the Healthcare System. Available in DVD or online format.

BCSLS members:     Non-members:     International:

  1 Course:  $399       1 Course:   $499 1 Course:  $599

  2 Courses: $599       2 Courses: $699 2 Courses: $799

**Much more cost effective if both components (Chemistry & Hematology) are purchased at the same time.

Back to Basics Course Registration

The Back to Basics Program [Chemistry and Hematology] is owned and copyrighted [2012] by the BC Society of Laboratory Science [BCSLS]

  • Any reproduction, in whole or in part , is strictly prohibited.
  • All components are for individual personal use only.
  • Duplication, teaching or sharing of any materials are also strictly prohibited.

IF you are interested in using the Back to Basics as a

teaching aid or for educational purposes, we will entertain

a licensing agreement.  Contact BCSLS for more



Back to Basics (BtB) has been designed and developed for:

  • Domestic Laboratory Technologists:
    • who are currently working in the system, who are seeking comprehensive continuing education and renewed competency.
    • who may have been on maternity or other leave and who are seeking to re-enter the workforce.  A refresher course to bring you "back up to speed" with the latest technology, testing, systems, protocols and procedures.
  • Internationally Educated Medical Laboratory Technologists (IEMLTs) who are hoping to work in the Canadian Health Care System and who are seeking the necessary credentials to do so. 
    • The Hematology & Chemistry components of BtB are "pre-approved" by the CSMLS as a recognized refresher course for IEMLTs.  Designed to help you meet the objectives set out in a "Learning Plan". 

Medical Laboratory Assistant Programs

BCSLS reviews applications from public and private colleges to determine whether their MLA programs meet the BCSLS Competency Guidelines. Graduates of approved programs can apply for BCSLS certification within three years of their graduation date.

BCSLS Approved Colleges

Only these colleges are approved by BCSLS to offer MLA programs:

  • Camosun College
  • MTI Community College
  • Stenberg College
  • Thompson Rivers University
  • VCC: Vancouver Community College
  • West Coast College of Health Care
  • CDI College (Abbotsford & Burnaby). Pre 2013
  • Vancouver Career College (Abbotsford)

Graduates from these colleges can apply for BCSLS certification.

For more information click here.

To apply for BCSLS certification please register through the membership & certification application

MLA Liability Insurance

MLA's working in BC who are current MLA members with BCSLS certification receive professional liability insurance coverage with their annual membership fee.

Educational Institutions

BCSLS accepts applications from educational institutions who are prepared to follow our:

  Competency Guidelines

To apply complete our:

MLA Program Application Form