The BCSLS Annual Congress is our premiere event of the year, bringing together laboratory professionals, educators, and industry representatives from across the province and nationally.



October 25th in Sidney: Annual Education Session on Blood Transfusion Issues

  • more information coming May 2018




Congress 2017 Scientific Program


  Speakers Abstract 


  * Only those presentations that were approved by the speaker are here...



-Fantastic Cells and Interesting Images in Anatomical Pathology: A Collection … Dr. Marcia Ballantyne

-Inappropriate Antibiotic Use for Symptomatic Bacteriuria- … Dr. Edith Blondel-Hill

-Management of  Daratumumab Patients: Lhevinne Ciurcovich

-Targeted Transfusion  and Anti - D Prophylaxis: New Strategies in Prevention … Dr.  Gwen Clarke

-Vector-borne Illnesses: Is it Safe to go Outdoors?: Jim Gauthier

-Factors Driving Change: How Factor and Plasma Proteins are Selected: Daryl Gouthro

-Approaching Retirement (Pension): Margie Imbrey - NOT AVAILBLE

-Make the Most of Your Pension: Margie Imbrey - NOT AVAILABLE

-Epidemiology and Management of Staphylococcus Aureus Bloodstream… : Dr. Kevin Laupland

-Heparin Induced Thrombocytopenia - Diagnostic Principles and … Terence Litavec

-Teaching Skills: Heather McMullen & Kal Randhawa NOT AVAILABLE

-D-dimer and the Wells Score May Reduce Overuse of CT scans in …Dr. Paul Riley

-Understanding Reaction Curves... Diane Van Paridon - NOT AVAILABLE

-The Art of Evaluation – How to Bring Out the Best of your Employees: Lisette Vienneau


-Regulatory College - What it Means to You: Malcolm Ashford

-Legal Reality of Med Lab - ... Iain Currie - NOT AVAILABLE

-Multi-Resistant Organism Alphabet Soup-Making Sense from the Chaos: Jim Gauthier

-Workshop: Part 1 Bone Marrow Continued: Dr. Monika Hudoba

-Workshop: Part 2 Bone Marrow Continued: Loretta Rothstein

-Workshop: Part 3 Bone Marrow Continued: Dr. Audi Setiadi

-Interesting Case Studies in Morphological Hematology for Laboratory Technologists: Dr. Gerry James

-CSMLS Code of Ethics: Making it Come to Life   : Christine Nielsen & Maria Klement - NOT AVAILABLE

-QC Basics; the Big Picture: Valerie MacKenzie

-Generational Conflict: Speak and Be Heard: Christine Nielsen - NOT AVAILABLE

-Life Inertia and Personal Growth: Hallie Stafford


-Workshop: Part 1-4 Clinical Mycology: Vincent Tang – NOT AVAILABLE

-Diabetes Lab Testing: Sophia Wadowska – Speaker cancelled




-Standing Up BC'S Agency for Pathology and Laboratory Medicine: Gail Crawford – NOT AVAILABLE

-Reportable Communicable Diseases and the Role of the Laboratory: Deanna Danskin

-Multi-Generational Impacts on the Workplace Today and Tomorrow: Mal Griffin

-Point-of-Care, Then Who Knows Where?: Anndrea Lindsay

-Clinical Design in Capital Projects: Colleen McEachem

-Fear and Loathing of Vaccines: Dr. Bruce McNeely NOT AVAILABLE

-The Fentanyl Crisis in British Columbia: Dr. Ian Mitchell

-Identifying Cells in Body Fluids: Lorraine Romanin

-The Latest on Biological Safety Cabinets: Rene Soetens

-Disinfection, What Can Go Wrong?: Jim Gauthier

-Tick-borne Relapsing Fever Case Study: Dr. Lisa Steele – Speaker Cancellation

-True Colours: Jeffrey Harrison & Lynn Wallace – NOT AVAILABLE

-"Leadership on the Road to Excellence. How to show leadership at every stage of your career through experience as a part of continuous learning." Beverley Busson – NOT AVAILABLE


Congress 2018 Social Events and Activities

more information coming January 2018

Thursday October 25th

  • 18th Annual Education Session on Blood Transfusion Issues. Put on by the BC Blood Coordinating Office and the Canadian Blood Services.  Registration is free with CBS. 
  • Early Congress Registration .



Friday October 26th

  • Exhibitors Reception
    • Free with Congress Pass
    • Get to know your exhibitors and peers while networking.  There will be appies, drinks, and fun!  Don't miss it !
  • Friday Night Social Event



Saturday October 27th

  • BCSLS Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  • Saturday Night Social Event


Sunday October 28th

  • Closing Ceremonies
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