Malcolm Ashford – Bio

For thirteen years Malcolm was the President and CEO of the Pacific Rim Institute of Tourism [PRIT] located in Vancouver. Under his leadership, PRIT was responsible for the development of relevant, industry validated “core” curriculum in tourism programming in secondary schools, colleges and universities across the province. PRIT developed and implemented leading-edge “workplace based” training initiatives at all levels, including competency based National Occupational Standards and National Occupational Certification. He implemented the first ever Tourism Career Awareness Program in Canada that actually defined tourism in an understandable way.

As CEO of PRIT, Malcolm provided leadership, guidance and support to a volunteer Board of Directors representing industry, labour, government and the education community. PRIT was all about change management and creating a new training culture in BC’s tourism and hospitality industry. He was the lead designer of the BC Tourism Learning System, a unique and innovative HR architecture.

He was appointed by the BC Business Council and CFIB to represent small business on the former BC Labour Force Development Board and on the Ministerial Task Force that developed and implemented the original model for the Industry Training and Apprenticeship Commission [ITAC].

He was one of the founding Directors of the Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council [CTHRC]. This Council is a national organization, based in Ottawa, responsible for tourism human resource development across all provinces and territories. Portability of skills and certification, credential recognition and prior learning assessment were underpinning principles for this HR Council. The CTHRC still exists today and uses the BC Tourism Learning System as its core.

Malcolm also has considerable experience with customer service, Service Excellence and CRM. For three years he worked as Vice President of the Customer Service Excellence Corporation [CSEC] which specialized in customer service excellence training programs for all levels of management, employees and volunteers. CSEC designed a customized customer service training program for the Health Care sector. Malcolm spent several years as a Histological Technician in the Pathology Lab at Jubilee Hospital in Victoria.

Malcolm is currently the Vice President of the Morandi group marketing services inc., a network of marketing, communications and management professionals who have executed projects and contracts across the spectrum of private and public sectors. He specializes in marketing, communications, human resource development and association management. He is a graduate of the Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration at UBC.